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Daughters of George Preston McMenus – Odessa, Washington

This photo is published in another earlier post dated 11-22-14, but I did not have the information from the back of the original photo when I posted it. George Preston McMenus was my great great uncle on my mother’s side of the family. In Missouri, he married twice, each wife dying in childbirth or shortly thereafter. Those marriages produced two surviving little girls, one baby boy dying at birth. The baby is buried in the Union Cemetery near Phillipsburg, Mo. George married a third time, Elizabeth (Bette) Carr and she had nine daughters, one baby girl dying at birth between the two oldest girls. They all moved to Odessa, Washington before 1900 and that is where GP McMenus is buried. See the earlier post for more information and another photo of the ten daughters taken about 1920. See below for information about girls above.

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Blueberry Yogurt Muffins — Deidra Mangus

I know what you’re thinking. How many scone recipes does one baker need? The answer is simple: as many as they can conjure up! Can’t stop, won’t stop. Sorry, not sorry. I mean, do you see these??? Almond Poppy Seed Scones are super tender and buttery, speckled with crispy poppy seeds, topped with a creamy […] […]

Almond Poppy Seed Scones — e2 bakes brooklyn — My Meals are on Wheels
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Irish Soda Bread — Kitchen By The Sea

This recipe is passed down from my maternal grandmother, Irene Casey or “GG”. When my GG was growing up Irish Soda Bread was baked daily without raisins and caraway seeds. It is a peasant quick bread that is inexpensive and for GG was not special at all until the holidays came when her mom would […]

Irish Soda Bread — Kitchen By The Sea

This Blueberry Lemon French Toast Bake is easily prepared the night before and baked the morning of. It’s bursting with big flavors of fresh berries and refreshing lemons. The blueberry sauce is incredible. Luscious Blueberry Lemon French Toast BakeBlueberry Lemon French Toast Bake Whether you’re an early bird or or a sleeper-inner, this Blueberry Lemon… Blueberry […]

Blueberry Lemon French Toast Bake — Chew Out Loud — My Meals are on Wheels
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PHILLIPSBURG SCHOOL, Phillipsburg, Missouri, 1922

SCHOOL< Phillipsburg, Missouri – 1922

This is a school photo taken in September, 1922 at the Union School in Phillipsburg, Missouri. The school was located on a corner of the farm property where my mother and her brothers and sisters grew up, about 5 miles west of the little town. I have a copy of this photo somewhere with all the names on the back side, my mother having identified everyone, but this copy does not have that information. I am including below the boy holding the slate, showing the school name and the date; also insets of my mother and her younger brother, Virgil, and also her older sisters Minnie and Marguerite (Marge) along with their childhood friend, Delia Rich (Hill). There are other Rich children and Clyde family children here, but that’s as much as I remember until I find the other photos. If memory serves, the teacher (standing right end) was Bessie Muncy.

Anna Marie Shank (Marlin) and her brother Virgil Earl Shank.

Boy holding slate showing name of school and date, September 26, 1922.

Marguerite Lydia Frances Shank (Brammell) (Truitt) and Delia Rich (Hill)

Minnie Flo Shank (Greninger)

Neven Maguire Retweeted Food on RTÉ‏Verified account @RTEfood 8h8 hours ago     Neven Maguire’s Bacon and blue cheese salad is so light and savoury! –

Neven Maguire’s bacon and blue cheese salad is so light and savoury! – — Foodaware
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Banana Bread — flour dusted

Can’t you just smell it? I can. As it sneaks out of the oven, it wraps me in a blurry, fuzzy blanket of memories of home, family and warm, melting butter. Banana bread. I have never met someone who doesn’t mmmmmm or oooohhhh when I bring banana bread over. I think it is one of […]

Banana Bread — flour dusted
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Roasted sweet potato and chive biscuits — Constantly Cooking

A delicious savoury treat! These versatile beauties can be a delicious accompaniment for soups and salads but they’re also excellent for adorable little sandwiches. I love splitting and filling them with cream cheese and smoked salmon or brie and pear. I recommend roasting the potatoes so you get that delicious caramelized flavour from the sugar […]

Roasted sweet potato and chive biscuits — Constantly Cooking
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Lemon Sugar Cookies — e2 bakes brooklyn

If you’re keeping track, this is my third lemon dessert in six weeks. What can I say? I’ve got a fridge full of lemons and I know how to use them. Sunny Lemon Upside-Down Cake ✅ Lemon Meringue Tart ✅ Lemon Sugar Cookies ✅✅✅ Y’all these Lemon Sugar Cookies are so good and so easy! […]

Lemon Sugar Cookies — e2 bakes brooklyn
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Black Rice Rainbow Salad Recipe — The Foodie Diaries

When it comes to easy vegetarian one-bowl recipes, this beautiful Black Rice Salad ticks all the right boxes! It’s quick to assemble and deliciously-healthy too, brimming with a rainbow-hued riot of textures from creamy avocado and feta to crispy chickpeas and toasted pistachios. A versatile tahini-yogurt dressing brings this beautiful black rice salad bowl together…

Black Rice Rainbow Salad Recipe — The Foodie Diaries
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Key Lime Pie Cream Puffs — breadbaby

I’m admittedly not much of a pie person – especially not a fruity pie person. So if I make fruity pie flavored recipes, then you know that they’re good. That incredible combination of tart and sweet is absolutely irresistible and will please all different taste palettes (trust me, I would know!). So, confession time. I […]

Key Lime Pie Cream Puffs — breadbaby
Posted by: marthabernie | April 16, 2021

Strawberry Crumble Bars — Season Generously

Strawberries! They are perfect off the bush, in a bowl of cold cereal, or in any kind of cake imaginable. They are such a versatile, gorgeous fruit and I absolutely love to bake with them. Even though it’s the end of strawberry season here in Central Florida (ours grow best December – March), it’s starting […]

Strawberry Crumble Bars — Season Generously
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Beef Stroganoff — No Empty Chairs

With colder weather this week, we have broken out a few comfort food dishes. Beef stroganoff is a great way to make 2 meals out of one roast. I like to do a traditional Roast Beef one day, and then use the leftovers to make this Beef Stroganoff. If you won’t be using the leftover […]

Beef Stroganoff — No Empty Chairs
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Lemon Bars #2 — Plenty Sweet Life

The recipe for today is for Lemon Bars #2. As you know, that means that there is already one recipe for Lemon Bars here on Plenty Sweet Life. I have also made Lemon Love Notes, Lemon Squares, Lemon Cheese Bars, and Lem-O-Nut Bars, but this is only the second recipe named Lemon Bars. Hence the […]

Lemon Bars #2 — Plenty Sweet Life
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Easy Apple Crisp — Ugly Desserts

As far as I’m concerned, fruit in dessert is perfection. You get the bragging points of eating fruit…but in dessert form.  Because let’s be honest – when your mom says “have an apple” for dessert, that is NOT dessert.  That’s medicine.  There is a reason someone came up with the line “an apple a day […]

Easy Apple Crisp — Ugly Desserts
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Mary Flahavan’s oatmeal vegetable soup — Foodaware

Ingredients: 1 fl oz (30ml)  (2tbsp) Sunflower Oil 2 Medium Onions, chopped 2 Sticks of Celery, chopped 8oz (225g) Potatoes, peeled and chopped 2 Medium Carrots, chopped 2 Cloves of Garlic (optional) 3oz  (75g) Flahavan’s Irish Oatmeal 8oz  (225g) Can of Tomatoes 2 Vegetable or Chicken Stock Cubes 50 fl oz (1.5 Litre) Water Salt […]

Mary Flahavan’s oatmeal vegetable soup — Foodaware
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Lemon Ricotta Cookies — Rustic Foundations

My mom has a lemon cookie recipe that creates light, fluffy, delicate and lemony cookies.    These are always a favorite, but they are so delicate they can be difficult to pack up if you were take them on a picnic or give as a gift.   I decided to add ricotta cheese to give them […]

Lemon Ricotta Cookies — Rustic Foundations
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PHILLIPSBURG SCHOOL, Phillipsburg, Missouri about 1910

This is a photo of the Phillipsburg School children and teachers, Phillipsburg, Missouri, taken about 1910. My mother’s cousins lived in or near the little town and went to this school, while my mother (Anna Shank Marlin) grew up about 5 miles west and went to the Union School, the property for which had been donated in the late 1800s. It sat on the corner of the farm where the Shank family lived for many, many years. In this photo, cousin Loreta McMenus (Chandler) is in the third row from the front, on her knees, second from the left end in a plaid dress. Her brother Leo McMenus, is in the first row standing, fourth row from the front. Starting on the right, count in six people (past the two teachers and three older girls standing) and Leo is the first boy wearing a hat, next to the boy going left who is also wearing a hat. Back to the front, second row, third girl in from the left, with pig tails and wearing a locket in a dark dress with lace trim is cousin Reba McMenus. Loreta and Leo were the children of William G. and Minnie (Brasier) McMenus and Reba the daughter of John Francis and Margaret (Moore) McMenus. Willie McMenus owned and ran a general store in Phillipsburg and brother, John McMenus was the station master for the St. Louis and Frisco LIne Railway, which was headquartered in Springfield, MO. Willie and John were the older brothers of my mother’s mother, Inez McMenus Shank.

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Fruit Pizza for Dessert! — chattykathychatsandcooks

Spring is here!  This fruit may not be in season here yet, and I can’t wait to make this when it is, but berries and mango are often available and you can use whatever fruit you like to make this refreshing dessert.   The perfect cookie crust is tender but firm and a little crunchy […]

Fruit Pizza for Dessert! — chattykathychatsandcooks
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Odlums Coffee and Walnut Cake — Foodaware

Beautifully presented Coffee and Walnut cake on a white cake stand   Ingredients: 175g/6oz Odlums Self Raising Flour 175g/6oz Margarine (at room temperature) 175g/6oz Caster Sugar 3 Eggs 4 tablespoons Instant Coffee (dissolved in 1 tablespoon of boiling water, then cooled) 50g/2oz Shamrock Chopped Walnuts (optional) Icing/filling 125g/4oz Icing Sugar (sieved) 50g/2oz Butter or tubbed […]

Odlums Coffee and Walnut Cake — Foodaware
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Black bean enchiladas — From My Kitchen

The Teen continues to request more and more vegetarian food, and now that she’s got her head around the fact that this means she actually has to eat more vegetables than just green beans, peas, and cauliflower, I’m very happy to oblige. These enchiladas are absolutely delicious, and I wouldn’t hesitate to serve them up […]

Black bean enchiladas — From My Kitchen
Posted by: marthabernie | April 15, 2021

No Mayo Chive Chicken Salad — The Corporate Cookbook

About This Recipe: I had a random craving for a chicken salad sandwich this week, so I decided to make my own version that would be healthier and tastier than the ones at your local deli. I have never purchased mayonnaise and don’t really ever intend to, so I knew I’d be subbing with plain […]

No Mayo Chive Chicken Salad — The Corporate Cookbook

Blackberries and Cream Croissant French Toast Bake is an easy make ahead breakfast recipe with crispy croissants and the sweet flavors of berries and cream. Sweetened cream cheese and blackberry stuffed croissants soaked in cinnamon custard and baked until light and fluffy with a crispy browned top. Everything you love about classic French toast in… Blackberries […]

Blackberries and Cream Croissant French Toast Bake — Fresh Flavorful — My Meals are on Wheels

These fluffy, easy to make Lemon Raspberry Muffins make the perfect breakfast or afternoon treat! Serve them as is, or drizzle them with a lemony glaze for added flavour! Fluffy, raspberry studded muffins with a light, lemony flavour are my new obsession. I am not much a fruit person but berries (and bananas) are the […] […]

Lemon Raspberry Muffins — Herbs & Flour — My Meals are on Wheels

These blueberry lemon ricotta muffins are so soft and moist, I can’t get enough of them! They are the perfect way to use up any leftover ricotta you might have hanging out in the fridge too. Plus, who doesn’t like muffins? Especially when they’re packed with lemon zest and blueberries! If you aren’t a fan […] […]

Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Muffins — THINKING A BAO FOOD — My Meals are on Wheels
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Marvellous Creations Cookies —

Why add just chocolate chips when you can add so many other things. In these cookies I have added a bar of ‘Marvellous Creations’ by dairy milk. These bars are studded with fruity jellies, popping candy and sugar coated chocolates. The popping candy is lost in the making but the jellies and chocolate make a really fun addition.

Marvellous Creations Cookies —
Posted by: marthabernie | April 15, 2021

Salted Brownie Cookies — the queen bee

I think that we’ve established in the last almost-two-years that I am a cookie fanatic. They are just simple and easy to grab one out of the cookie jar and have a little bit of a sweet bite when you need something quick.  I am obsessed with these cookies and find myself taking them to […]

Salted Brownie Cookies — the queen bee
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Puffy Eclairs — Ina Eats In

These puffy eclairs are delicious pastries that are creamy on the inside and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. They are easy to make, not too sweet, and great for any occasion. Puffy eclairs have always been one of my favorite desserts. This recipe is inspired by my mom’s version of an eclair. Although not…

Puffy Eclairs — Ina Eats In
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Blueberry Bread — Nourish

Like our cranberry bread recipe, this basic sweet bread works well with most berries, fresh or frozen. A hint of citrus nicely compliments your berry of choice in this family favorite snack.

Blueberry Bread — Nourish
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Banana and walnut cake — The Gluten Free and Vegan Alchemist

Preparation Time 10 Minutes Cooking Time 50 Minutes Makes a 2lb loaf Vegan Vegetarian, Egg-free, Dairy-free and can be nut-free if you omit the walnuts In our house, over-ripe bananas mean only one thing, banana cake or muffins. Over the last 35 years, I must have baked more banana cake than any other cake. In […]

Banana and walnut cake — The Gluten Free and Vegan Alchemist

Keto Creamy Chicken Casserole is a perfect meal option for busy weeknights. Deliciously made with shredded chicken, spaghetti squash, cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, mozzarella cheese, crispy bacon, and seasoned beautifully. This easy dinner is gluten-free, grain-free, low carb, and keto.  No need to dirty up a bunch of dishes with this one-pan meal! And…… Keto […]

Keto Creamy Chicken Casserole — Joy Filled Eats — My Meals are on Wheels

Comfort food is calling your name in the form of this Keto Mississippi Pot Roast! The roast is falling-apart tender, flavorful, and incredibly easy to make. Cooking it in the Instant Pot means that it cooks fast, and the flavors have time to really marry together. The results of this keto, low carb, gluten-free, and…… Keto […]

Keto Mississippi Pot Roast — Joy Filled Eats — My Meals are on Wheels

Nothing is more delicious than sinking your teeth into a juicy Keto Turkey Burger. You only need 5 ingredients, and these filling burgers will practically melt in your mouth. Not only are they keto-friendly and healthy, but they are also low carb, gluten-free, and grain-free too.  It’s next to impossible to turn down a good…… Keto […]

Keto Turkey Burgers — Joy Filled Eats — My Meals are on Wheels
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Odlums Granny’s Apple Cake — Foodaware

What you need: 225g/8oz Odlums Self Raising Flour 175g/6oz Butter or Margarine 175g/6oz Shamrock Golden Caster Sugar 3 Eggs 1 level teaspoon Goodall’s Cinnamon (optional) 3 Apples (peeled & cored) How to: Preheat oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas 5. Grease and base line a 900g/2lb loaf tin. Beat butter/margarine and sugar together. Add the eggs, one at […]

Odlums Granny’s Apple Cake — Foodaware

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