Posted by: marthabernie | April 29, 2012

DAY ONE – APRIL 29, 2012

Greetings everyone, and welcome to Day One of Home Thoughts From A Broad 626.  Thanks to Sean Aylward of Tramore, County Waterford and Dublin for suggesting the title!  Other people had already taken several variations of this title for their blogs, but I added my telephone area code to it and here we are!  It’s a play of words, of course, on Robert Browning’s famous poem, Home Thoughts from Abroad.  You know, the one that starts, “Oh to be in England….”  In my case, it’s Oh to be in Ireland!  Just back from a great trip to the Emerald Isle, but more about that in days to come.  Photos also, just as soon as I figure out how to post them.

Hard to say what my purpose is going to be in writing this blog as I have several interests, and I suppose it will meander and evolve like everything else in life.  Hopefully you will find something of interest.

Thanks for having a look!



  1. Pat Kennedy here: I saw your post on the Dallas Co., MO site and thought I should take a look. Are you sending out emails to remind a person your on line with your blog? If so I would like to be up-dated. I’m going to spend some time looking at your baking/cooking and one of my “loves!” Plus, looking for family history on early Dallas Co., MO family. Surnames, Lawson, Phariss, and I’ll check out your McGrew, which I also have some records. I’m sure there are a few other surnames.

    Thank you,
    Pat Kennedy


  2. I always read the first post of people who click on the Like button on my posts.
    I see you have interesting categories,,, gluten free (my daughter is allergic to gluten), genealogy (I am addicted to genealogy, but you already know that), and my favorite blogger GP also liked this post.


    • Thanks for stopping by! Things have changed a bit in two years!


      • Wait in two more years… You will know what I mean.
        It’s hard to stop writing.


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