Posted by: marthabernie | June 17, 2012


Weather patterns have been weird all over the world this year, but my first winter in Pasadena (2010-11) took the cake.  For those of you in California, you will remember that it rained and rained and rained some more, starting in earnest in December and going right through until the beginning of April.  I wanted to have a garage sale in January, 2011, but it rained nearly every weekend until April!  Above is a photo of my patio during one of the downpours.   The patio slab isn’t much higher than the grass, and the foundation of the family room isn’t much higher than the patio slab.  At one point, I really did think the water might come right into the house, but the downpour stopped just before that happened.  I got some sandbags the next day, just in case.

We barely got through the heavy rain storms before we had hail.  See below for hail in the backyard.  This was in February, 2011.

And here is more hail in the front planter (taken from inside the house).

I know that those of you who live in the midwest or east are laughing…hail is hardly a rarity for most folks, but you have to understand that in Southern California, it just doesn’t happen that often.  I now live at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, and it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, though we didn’t get down to freezing much this past winter.  It has snowed in this part of Pasadena, and I assume it will again, so as soon as it does….

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