Posted by: marthabernie | December 29, 2012

CHARLIE – Our Little Wonder Boy

CHARLIE OneIf you go back through my posts or check out the archives under CHARLIE, you will see some photos of my second grandson, Charlie.  He was born September 7, 2007, 16 and a half weeks early, and he weighed 1 pound 12 oz.  He lost weight and dropped to 1 pound 9 oz before he started gaining.   For several weeks, we didn’t know if he would live or die, but he was born with a strong spirit and he was a little fighter from the beginning.  After many weeks, we were cautiously optimistic and then after the first three months, it was relatively safe to draw a sigh or relief.  He had to have the hole in his heart closed, and when his retinas started to detach, he required laser surgery on his eyes on Thanksgiving Day.  Thankfully, he didn’t experience many of the problems that micro preemies encounter, but just before he was to be released from the hospital in February, 2008, he came down with the retro virus and had to be isolated in the NICU and kept for another few weeks.

The photo above was taken this week on Christmas Day.  He was clapping for himself (and the rest of us were clapping and cheering also) because he had just recited the alphabet in Spanish.  He sits at the computer and goes to a site which teaches Spanish to toddlers, and he can count, recite the alphabet and also greet you with hola, and then ask, how are you?  All in Spanish!

The photo below was taken when he was just a few days old after he was moved from the Kaiser NICU in Woodland Hills to the Bellflower NICU.  You can see from his mother’s hand just how small he was, and he wore the mask over his eyes for the first couple of weeks until his eyes adjusted.


Below is a photo of Charlie at his computer, and then below that another photo from Christmas.  He is still small for his age (5) and he will always wear glasses, but we are so blessed to have him, and I know he is going to do great things when he grows up!

charlie computer

charlie christmas 2012

charlie chuck e cheese





  1. He really is a CUTIE!!!


  2. Amazing. And what a cutie pie!:)


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