Posted by: marthabernie | December 30, 2012


conor mmThis past year, Conor and I had annual passes to Magic Mountain.  The year before it was Knott’s Berry Farm and the year before that, we went several times to Universal Studios.  Now at the age of 14, Conor has settled on Magic Mountain as his favorite amusement park destination because of all the roller coasters and other scary rides!  I walk around or read a book while he and a friend stand in the lines.  We went the day after Thanksgiving and I was amazed at how few people were in the park.  Everyone must have been out shopping on Black Friday.

Anyway, Conor is quite adept at playing the arcade games, and the photo above shows just a few of his winnings on this particular day.  He has won everything from jackets and jerseys to giant stuffed animals and an electric guitar!  Another photo below.

conor mm2

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