Posted by: marthabernie | January 2, 2013

LUCY – Before and After

lucy twoThis past September, I took the cats to the vet for their annual visit and also their booster shots.  Lucy also had a problem in that it had been so very hot all summer that she had not been able to keep up with all the grooming required to keep her very long fur smooth and untangled.  As you can see from the photo above, she is a Ragdoll and they have lots of thick, long fur in white and many shades of brown.  The vet tried to cut out some of the worst tangles, but after a few minutes, Lucy wasn’t having any more of it.  Since the vet and the two gloved technicians weren’t able to contain her, we decided to put her under a mild bit of anesthesia and shave her.  I knew it would be a dramatic change but still was not prepared for the end result.  She looked like a wet rat with a ruff around her neck and a bushy tail!  Fortunately, the fur grows back and now, nearly four months later, she looks like a normal cat again, but a short haired cat.  I wish we could keep her fur at this length but no such luck.  By summer, she will be back to having the heavy coat again and I can only hope that we can keep ahead of the tangles this year.  Photo above shows her in all her furry glory, and below, with the wet rat look.  Her eyes are blue, so they always glow in photos! When she came home after being at the vet, Boomer decided he needed to torment her more than usual so she spent most of her time on top of the refrigerator. But things are now back to normal and I am happy to report that she hasn’t been on top of the refrigerator for many weeks.

lucy shorn


  1. Devil cat! Look at the eyes!


    • Nope, just that blue eyed cats don’t photograph!


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