Posted by: marthabernie | April 4, 2013

YELLOW CONE SUCCULENT – Spring 2013, Pasadena, CA


004 006About two years ago, I bought a succulent at the grocery store and left it in a pot on the patio.  I had no idea if it bloomed or not, I just liked it for the color and shape of the leaves.  It really didn’t get enough sun there (the patio is covered) so I moved it out to the front yard in a small area that had been bricked over except for a small area in the middle where someone had planted bulbs that withstand the hot summer weather.  It had not grown much on the patio, so I thought it would grow more out front.  I transplanted it in January and it basically did nothing for about eleven months.  Then in December, it started growing, and by the end of January, a cone like thing sprouted from the top and it bloomed in small yellow flowers.   And the bees were all over the flowers!

The first photo above shows the same plants down the street in a neighbor’s yard.  I have no idea what this plant is called, so if anyone knows, let’s hear from you.  The two lower photos show the single plant that  is out front by my driveway.  The blooms are now fading, and I am not sure what to do with the cone thing, but I guess I will let nature take its course….or the gardener will take care of it!


  1. It’s an aeonium, I don’t know what sub species but the flowerstalk is lovely !!!


    • Can you tell me what to do with the stalk? Do I cut it back or just let nature take her course?


      • when the flower is not pretty anymore you cut it off, it’s a very easy plant really and if you want more, you just cut one or more rosettes off, let the cutting dry for a few days and put it in a sandy soil and voilà, new plants, the stalk where you cut off the rosette will get more new rosettes


      • Thanks for the information. My gardener had knocked a stalk or two loose and I put them in dirt and they are growing on their own.


      • you see, it is that simple !


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