Posted by: marthabernie | May 6, 2013

Dr. Price’s Marble Molasses Spice Cake – 1887

This is another recipe from my great grandmother’s recipe book.  It’s a little more complicated than most of them because you have to mix up two different batters.  I thought it would be a chocolate marble cake but it’s molasses and spice for the marble part.  Again, he uses “yelks” instead of yolks, and sour milk can easily be substituted with buttermilk.  The instruction “butter the pans well” indicates two layers, I think.


For the white part – Half cup butter, one and a half cups white sugar, half a cup sweet milk, two and a half cups of flour, a heaping teaspoonful baking powder, the whites of four eggs, flavor with extract of lemon.

For the dark part – Half cup butter, the same of molasses, two of brown sugar, half cup sour milk, half teaspoonful soda, yelks of four eggs, and one whole egg, two cups flour, spices to taste; after each part is thoroughly mixed, butter the pans well and put in first a couple of large spoons of the dark, and then the same of white part, alternately until all is used.

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