Posted by: marthabernie | May 12, 2013

Going Bananas For Yonanas!

yonanas3I have a new gadget and I LOVE IT!  It’s the YONANAS soft dessert maker.  I saw one of these in a catalog (very pricey) and took a look for it online at Bed Bath & Beyond.  They carry them in the store and the price was $10 less than in the catalog.  On top of it, I used the 20% off coupon and got the Yonanas machine for only $39.95.

yonanasI was a little skeptical about the machine until I read all the reviews.  For people who want mostly fruit in their smoothies and soft desserts or want to control the amount of sugar or sweetener used, this little machine gets high marks.  You basically keep frozen fruit in the freezer (over ripe bananas, berries, mango, pineapple, peaches, whatever you like) and in a couple of minutes, you have a healthy, fruity soft serve dessert, or in my case, breakfast.  I love using this for breakfast.

yonanas2I have made smoothies with ice cubes in a blender, and I even bought a magic bullet type thing to make smoothies but found it didn’t want to chop up the ice very well.  So the YONANAS machine is the answer to my need to make quick, healthy desserts and smoothies without having to fiddle with ice cubes and such.  Adding a little frozen yogurt will sweeten the mix as well.  It came with a recipe book, and you can add everything from peanut butter to chocolate powder or chocolate shavings to pumpkin or chardonnay ice cubes!  I also bought a couple other things while I was at Bed Bath & Beyond but will report on those later.

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