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versatile-awardThanks to Deborah Sweeney at for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Deborah has a very interesting site where she posts about the research she has done on her own family tree,  and Deborah is also a professional genealogist.  Take a look at her blog when you get a moment.

This award, like others, is a pay-it-forward award.  You start by thanking the person who nominated you and linking back to their site.  Then you share seven things about yourself that people may not already know.  Finally, you nominate fifteen bloggers you would like to have the award, link back to their site, and then notify them of the nomination.

Here are my seven things:

1.  I have a double degree in Music and History and a teaching credential, which I have never used.  I was working part-time in a law firm when I was in school, and things progressed from there.

2.  I come from a family of twins on my father’s side of the family; they were prevalent in my father’s generation, his father’s generation, and also in his grandfather’s generation that we know of…however, none in my family.

3.  My great grandmother, Carrie Lunda (Lundy) Hall Marlin was part Cherokee Indian.

4.  My ancestors on both the Marlin and McManus sides of the family came out of Northern Ireland in the 1600’s and 1700’s.  The Marlins were most likely transplanted from England or Scotland to Northern Ireland around 1600 when Queen Elizabeth I decided to transplant less hostile subjects into Ireland.  I have done a little research into this period and it’s interesting to note that the native Irish in the north were much more hostile about English rule than their counterparts in the south, thus Elizabeth’s need to transplant loyal subjects into the area.  Anyway, the first Marlin sailed from Derry and landed in Virginia about 1651.  There are found in records in Derry, Curran and Magherafelt.  On the McManus side, they came from Fermanagh and were native to Ireland.  Lawrence McManus was born in 1733 in Fermanagh and ended up in North Carolina where he had a very large family.  We think our link to Lawrence is through his son Eli, who appeared to have two different families, the first in Tennessee (our link) and the second in Ohio.  I am going to have a DNA test one of these days to verify the link back to Lawrence.  But since there was no other McManus family in the area at the time, it’s fairly safe to make our assumptions back to Fermanagh.

5.  I studied piano from the time I was six until my second year in college.  I became proficient but am not a natural talent.  I still have the first piano bought for me; it sits here in the office.  My father had to go to his work’s credit union and borrow $600 to pay for the thing.  It was even more expensive than necessary because my mother wanted the cherry wood finish on the spinet so it would match the rest of her furniture!  It was years before the piano was paid for!

6.  I have a new camera!  Its a LUMIX by Panasonic with a Leica zoom lens.  I still have not figured out all the bells and whistles, but after years of using an old Cyber-Shot, I am excited about the prospect of taking better photos!

7.  I also have a new food processor!  I have had a small one for years and made do with it and the Kitchen Aid mixer with various attachments.  However, I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought a top of the line Cuisinart 9 cup processor.  It’s lovely!  I just have not figured out where to store it yet!

For my fifteen nominees, they are all blogs which I follow for various reasons such as photography, cooking, baking, family history and Ireland.

Biotech Boardwalk

Astronomy and Law

Ed Mooney Photography

Views From A Small Island

Sophie Bowns

Images by T.Dashfield

Magnum Lady

Nigel Borrington Photography

Pedro Holderbaum Photography

Sadie and Dasie

All About Chantelle

Lavington Market Museum

Cristian V. Photography

Libby’s Kitchen Tales

Cindy Knoke

I will be notifying these folks in the next day or so of their nomination!

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