Posted by: marthabernie | June 24, 2013

Dr. Price’s Whipped Cream Pie – 1887

This is another recipe from Dr. Price’s 1887 Cookbook, and it does not give a crust recipe, but I would think that since the pie is nothing more than whipped cream, a nice buttery, sugary crust would be nice!  Maybe even shortbread rolled thin.


Sweeten with white sugar one teacup very thick cream, made as cold as possible without freezing and flavored with extract of lemon to taste; beat until as light as eggs for frosting and keep cool until the crust is ready; make crust moderately rich, prick well with a fork to prevent blistering, bake, spread on the cream and to add finish, put bits of jelly over the top.  The above will make two pies.

This was submitted to the cookbook by Mrs. A.M. Alexander.

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