Posted by: marthabernie | October 29, 2013


1.  For perfect whipped cream, start with a chilled bowl and beaters.  For extra flavor, add a spoonful of sugar, lemon juice, liqueur or vanilla before beating.  One whipped, cream will last one hour in the fridge.  Freeze dollops of whipped cream on a baking sheet, then store in an airtight container in freezer for topping your coffee or favorite dessert.

2.  For stuffing, bread pudding or holiday breakfast strata, let some bread slices sit out on a wire rack for at least 4 hours or overnight.  Then cube.

3.  For the best cake glaze, stir a spoonful of milk into a cup of sifted powdered sugar, then add a splash of liqueur, orange or lemon juice, coffee, vanilla or food coloring for a little extra flavor and color.

4.  Bake and make as much ahead of the busy holidays as you can.  You can freeze cookies, cakes, muffins and cheesecake in airtight containers for up to a month.  At serving time, let the desserts thaw and add the icing or frosting before serving.



  1. I’ve been doing #3 since I was a child. Sometimes I make it thicker than a glaze.


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