Posted by: marthabernie | November 3, 2013



My grandson Charlie turned six on September 7 and started kindergarten that week.  Here he is near his birthday holding the new singing Mickey Mouse he got as a birthday present.  Mickey sings the Hot Dog Song which is from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series that the kids love so much.  More photo below.




  1. Such sweet pictures! He is so cute.


    • YEs, every time I look at him I think how lucky we are to have him! He was born 16-1/2 weeks early, weighed one pound 9 ounces and was not supposed to live. When I went in to see him about an hour after he was born, I stuck my finger into the incubator and he grabbed onto it and would not let go. They said he would be retarded or autistic or severely handicapped, but except for impaired vision and still underdeveloped lungs, he’s fine. The lungs get stronger as he gets older. And as for the eyes…he can spot McDonalds from 100 yards away!


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