Posted by: marthabernie | November 27, 2013


P1010692My friends in Ireland lost their dog, Leo, almost a year ago now, and we were all very upset because it happened so suddenly.  He was off his food for a day or so and when he went to the vet, they discovered an inoperable pancreatic tumor.  Leo was a golden retriever mix and was one of the nicest, smartest dogs I have ever encountered.  Above is Lily, a golden Lab mix, who came to the family a couple of months later.  Lily was fished out of the River Liffey in Dublin by animal control officers.  She appeared to have had a recent litter of pups, but no one came forward to claim her.  Because of the way she reacts to backfires and brings injured birds to the members of her new household (without hurting them further), they think she lived on a farm and was trained as a gun dog/retriever.  Even though she turned up in Dublin, I have wondered how far she might have traveled IN THE LIFFEY before being rescued.   The river is 75 miles long and originates in Wicklow, where there is a lot of farmland.  She’s very different to Leo, but she is a lovely dog all the same.  I took these photos on my last day in Dublin this year, October 6 2013.


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