Posted by: marthabernie | January 26, 2014

Ednah Barbara Forkner Lewis – 1950’s

002bThis is one of those color prints from the 1950’s which has started to fade and change color.  Everything looks very orange!  This is my mother’s first cousin, Ednah B. Lewis (formerly Ednah Barbara Forkner/Faulkner).  She married Frank Lewis in Stevensville, Montana in 1908 in a double wedding with her sister, moved to Los Angeles, and had a child, Ruthanna Lewis.  In less than ten years, she had divorced Frank Lewis and she remarried at least two or three times before finally settling for the single life in the 1920’s.  She became a hairdresser after moving to San Francisco, and eventually moved in with her mother in Highland Park, California after Aunt Annie’s second husband, Walter Tweddell, passed away in 1943.  This photo was taken in the house at 116 Avenue 63, and the chair to the left now sits in my bedroom.  It has been recovered a couple of times since then, but still has a throw covering it!  Aside from having Boston Bulldogs as pets, Ednah also had birds for years.

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