Posted by: marthabernie | February 17, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Steigerwalts?

scan0328bI know most of the people in this photo:  that’s my cousin Eleanor McGrew Brumm on the left with her son, Gary, seated next to her.  The girl in the back is unknown to me, but could be the daughter of my uncle, Bob Steigerwalt.  That’s my mother’s sister, Geneva Shank Steigerwalt seated at the end of the table, her step daughter, Jill Steigerwalt next; then Barbara Brumm seated next to her dad, George Brumm.  The photo is labeled, “Thanksgiving Day 1960” and I think it’s my aunt’s handwriting, therefore I assume their home in Orange County, California.  Another clue is that Aunt Geneva is seated at the head of the table.  If this had been taken at cousin Eleanor’s house, the handwriting would be a lot different as she is a lefty and her handwriting is very distinctive.  Uncle Bob must have taken the photo, and the Brumms must have been visiting from their home in Stockton, CA.  Look at that turkey!


  1. Hmm, my first supervisor was at an insurance company and his name was Steigerwalt (in Lexington, KY 1968). Just seems an unusual name to me!


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