Posted by: marthabernie | February 24, 2014


001Not sure of the occasion, but this photo is probably from the 1930’s (approximately).  It’s a branch of the Marlin Family of Webster County that is different from my branch, but they are all cousins–especially the Gus Marlin Family because his wife, Pearl Ferrier Marlin, was my grandmother’s older sister.  Back row from the left, Bill Marlin, Luther Marlin, Effie Graham, Dee Graham, Mildred Marlin, Elbert Marlin, unknown Hoover, unknown Hoover, Pearl Ferrier Marlin holding Icel Marlin; Gus Marlin (face blocked by photos damage) holding Herb Marlin; Frank Marlin holding Lucille Marlin, then Axie Marlin right in front of them.

Second row:  Aubrey Marlin, unknown Hoover, Lorraine Marlin, John Graham.  Front row from left, Phyllis Marlin, Verdena Marlin, Norman Marlin, Oren Marlin, Quentin Marlin, Sam T. Hoover, Gladys Graham and unknown Hoover.

If anyone out there can I.D. the Hoovers, please let me know.

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