Posted by: marthabernie | March 12, 2014

Prehistoric Dunbeg Fort – Dingle Peninsula

P1010245aOn the first leg of the Dingle Peninsula Drive, you come to the Dunbeg Fort which is a prehistoric site along the Dingle Bay coast.  It dates from the Iron Age, about 580 BC based on carbon dating of objects found at the site.  I didn’t have a lot of time before sundown on the day I was there…I wanted to get on to Slea Head for photos since the sun appeared to be coming out.  I figured I would take my niece there this year when we visit Ireland.  However, the fort is now closed due to damage sustained in the January storms in Ireland.  A large wall of the fort fell into the Atlantic.  However, this has been happening for centuries since there isn’t much left of what was the original structure.  I was interested in something I read the other day about how the sea level of Ireland has gotten higher and higher over the centuries.  It’s been stable for the last 500 years, but with recent storms, much of what was shoreline is now surfacing with the sand and debris of centuries being washed away.


P1010246aThere is a long path that you walk down to see what is left of the fort.  Sheep were grazing in the field on the left and cows in the field on the right.


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    so much history to be seen in Ireland


    • Yes, you can’t drive anywhere without coming across church, castle or abbey ruins, and the megalithic and other sites are pretty common also.


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