Posted by: marthabernie | March 30, 2014

Easy Lemon Meringue Cake

Another recipe for all the Meyer lemons I have in the refrigerator!

Recipe Adaptors

Cheap, simple and delicious.

If you think lemon meringue pie is a step too far for your cooking ability, perhaps this cake will appeal. It has all the same flavours but is much easier to make.

I love the fluffy, moist crumb with hints of lemon curd. The meringue topping really gives the cake a pretty finishing touch – no blow torch required 🙂

I used a packet of my supermarket’s home brand vanilla cake mix for this recipe. (You might have noticed that I use that quite a lot as it is such a bargain.) Of course, if you prefer, you can make the sponge batter from scratch. You could also use a plain, yellow or butter cake mix if that is what you have in the pantry.

No jar of ready-made lemon curd? Just add another tablespoon of lemon juice to the batter, and perhaps some finely grated lemon…

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