Posted by: marthabernie | May 18, 2014

California – Easter, 1937

002cNot sure where this was taken as the background of the photo doesn’t look residential, and it may have been in or around San Francisco, but again, not sure.  That’s my uncle John Clifford McGrew on the left, his daughter, Eleanor, and his wife (my mother’s oldest sister), Laura Shank McGrew.  Sitting in the car is my mother’s brother, Harvey Preston Shank, seated on the running board in my grandmother, Dulcie Ferrier Marlin, my mother in the coat, and her brother Virgil Shank on the right.

A niece asked the other week when my grandparents left Missouri and came to live in California.  I can assume it was sometime before my brother, Larry, was born, as there is my grandmother in this photo and my mother was pregnant with my brother when this was taken.  See photo below.  Larry was born on June 2, 1937, and Easter Sunday in 1937 was on March 28; Larry was born about 5 weeks after these photos were taken.

002dAnother photo from Easter, March 28, 1937.  That’s Virgil Shank at the rear left, then John Clifford McGrew, my father Ray Marlin, and Press Shank on the right.  Front row left, Anna Shank Marlin, Laura Shank McGrew and Eleanor McGrew (Brumm).

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