Posted by: marthabernie | May 20, 2014

BALLYCOTTON, County Cork, Ireland

P1010393aAs you can see, it was a rainy day in Ireland.  If you have not been there and you plan to go some time, don’t think you will avoid the rain all together.  If you are there more than a few days, and if you travel to the northwest, it WILL rain at some point!  This was October last year.  I arrived to glorious weather and the storms came in a couple of days before I went home.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Ballycotton; note that Ireland over millions of years has been completely submerged in water or ice more than once.  In the last few hundred years, sea level keeps moving up as the water washes away land mass.  Only in the recent storms when sand was washed away in great quantities did the ancient ruins of former villages and forests come to light.  Major archeological finds in many, many areas.

Ballycotton is a Seaside resort village in County Cork, Ireland, situated about 25 miles east of Cork city. It is a famous fishing village and has given its name to the folk band Ballycotton. The village is set on a rocky-ledge overlooking Ballycotton Bay and its sandy beach that stretches for about 25 km east to Knockadoon Head. The current village is actually a re-settlement of an older village which is now entirely underwater. Ballycotton experiences severe coastal erosion with metres of land crumbling into the sea every few years. It is a site of international research interest on coastal erosion.

The above view of the Ballycotton Harbor is my own photo on a rainy, dreary day.  The photo below is also from a dreary day, looking toward the lifeboat station and where I was standing when I took the photo.  It’s the same red orange rescue boat in both photos.  Photo below courtesy of Wikipedia.

ballycotton 1

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