Posted by: marthabernie | May 27, 2014

Culver City, California – September 1937

002This photo was taken in September, 1937 at my parents home on Prairie Avenue in Inglewood, CA.  My mother’s brothers and sisters were obviously visiting, and that’s my mother in the diagonal patterned dress in the middle holding my brother, Larry, who was 3 months old.  From left, Aunt Minnie and her husband, Dan Greninger behind her; then Aunt Geneva and her first husband, Raymond Hendrix, next to her; my mother holding baby Larry with my dad, Ray Marlin, behind her; then Aunt Marge with her husband, Charlie Brammell behind her; and cousin Eleanor and her mother, Aunt Laura, next to her on the end.  I am assuming that is Uncle Johnny (John Clifford McGrew) behind them since he has one arm around each of their waists.  Standing on the top step in the back are Uncle Virgil Shank on the left and Uncle Press Shank on the right.

The photo below was taken the same day.

003Same group of people as the photo above for the most party except that my grandparents, Dulcie and Elbert Marlin are at the top right, Uncle Walter Tweddell is at the top left, and that’s Uncle Johnny with his hands on Aunt Laura’s shoulders in the top row.  My mother looks like she was not happy when the photo was being snapped (she’s in front row holding Larry).

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