Posted by: marthabernie | May 30, 2014

More From Taft, California, Christmas, 1937

002dAnother family photo taken in December, 1937.  I am not sure that Aunt Minnie was married to Uncle Dan Greninger quite yet; he was in an earlier photo taken a few months before but not in this group.  At this stage, Geneva was married to Raymond Hendrix still before she went on to at least three more husbands (and twice to her last husband).  Charlie Brammell died more than a decade after this was taken and Marge remarried and lost that husband also.  I think Press was divorced from Flossie Chambers at this point, and Mabel had divorced her first husband, one of the Rich family, and was remarried to Percy Carlisle.  From left, Elbert and Dulcie Marlin, my grandparents; then my mother with dad standing behind her, Ray and Anna Marlin; then Geneva with husband standing behind her, Raymond and Geneva Hendrix;  Press holding my brother Larry, age  6 months.  Mabel behind him, looking down at Larry.  Then Virgil in top row, with Marge in middle row and cousin Eleanor McGrew in front next to her mother, Laura, with Charlie Brammell in the back.  Rounding out the row on the right are  Clifford McGrew and Minnie Shank Greninger.

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