Posted by: marthabernie | June 25, 2014

Dad and Larry – 1938

001Today is the anniversary of my father’s death, June 25, 1974–40  years ago.  He died from heart disease at the age of 61, very young by today’s standards.  This photo was taken in December, 1938 (yes, wonderful California Christmas weather!) and my dad was 26 years old, Larry 18 months.  The puppy was called Zipper, named by Larry, but not after some frustrating scenes, trying to understand what Larry wanted to call the dog.  He kept saying something like, “Ah-Rip-Tah” when asked what he wanted to name the dog, and no one could understand him.  My mother always said he got very frustrated because he was just trying to talk and they could not understand many words yet.  Anyway, one day my mother was putting Larry’s sweater on and when she went to zip it up the front, he pointed and said “Ah-Rip-Tah!”  The great mystery was solved and the dog was named Zipper.  Years later he had an English Pointer whom he also called Zipper.

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