Posted by: marthabernie | August 9, 2014

IRISH DUO (Revisited)

August 9, 2014:  I posted this photo early on in my blogging efforts, then I submitted the photo to the Los Angeles Times Sunday Travel Section about a year ago, and they published it.  It’s still one of my favorite photos.


On a recent trip to Ireland,  I took a driving trip to Sligo and Donegal, and on the first night, I stayed at Temple House not too far from Sligo town.  It’s a family run country Georgian house which is set in 1,000 acres, and the Perceval Family has lived at this location since 1665 when Lord Perceval married, and the house and lands came as part of wife Mary’s dowrey.  The remains of a 13th century lakeside castle built by the Knights Templar are near the house, and there are hundreds of sheep grazing on the land.  Percevals came to England from France, served King Arthur with the Knights of the Round Table, and were given land in Ireland for loyal service to Queen Elizabeth I.   More about the history of Temple House and the Percevals in another post.

On the morning I left this idyllic location, I spotted two donkeys alongside the long driveway and decided to stop for a photo op.  I rolled down the left passenger window to shoot without glass between them and me, and they immediately trotted over to the car and stuck their heads in the window.  You get the picture above!  They smelled terrible, by the way, and they hung their heads in the car, slobbering everywhere, until I gently rolled the window up.  They took the hint and took off.  So did I!

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