Posted by: marthabernie | August 15, 2014


This is another photo that I really like because it shows what Seattle looked like about 1918-19.  Note the wooden sidewalks and the large stone building in the background.  After she divorced her husband in 1918, Aunt Annie spent some time with daughter Ednah and grand daughter Ruthanna in Seattle.   We are fortunate that they always took photos when they got together, and Aunt Annie would always write dates and locations on the backs of photos she sent to family members.  Sign hanging out over sidewalk says DORRIS ROOMING HOUSE.


  1. This fascinates me for my own story since one branch went to Seattle (the branch where somebody sent me an album of photos) at some point after 1915. The photos seem to be late teens, probably mainly early 20s. So I LOVE seeing these buildings and the sidewalk! Maybe my relatives even stayed in a rooming house at first.


    • When we toured Seattle in the 1990’s, they took us through some underground tunnels where there were storefronts below ground…there was so much mud and water on the streets, they had to put the wooden sidewalks down and go underground where it was drier…


      • OH my. I keep trying to figure out why these women in my family would have gone there to live, so far from home.


      • If it was in the early days of the city, it could have been because there was a shortage of single women. Did they marry once they got there?


      • NO! Haha, sorry for shouting. That is not what happened for sure! I don’t believe the mother remarried–and one of the girls didn’t marry until she was past middle age, and the other girl I am not sure about, but possibly never married.


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