Posted by: marthabernie | August 18, 2014

BOSTON and PAUL REVERE – Revisited

Boston is one of my favorite cities.  Not only is it full of interesting historical stuff (and Fenway Park), the people are friendly, and it’s a relatively small city and easy to get around.  I’ve been there several times when travelling elsewhere by way of Logan Airport, but in recent years I’ve stayed in the city and had the opportunity to take a look around.  Above is Paul Revere’s house on the North Side of town.  It’s the oldest standing building in Boston, built in 1680, and three quarters of the current structure is the original building.  Silversmith Revere and family lived there from 1770 to 1800.  It’s three stories and relatively small when you realize that the Revere family sometimes numbered as many as eight or ten plus servants.  His first wife died and he remarried, producing even more children.

A few blocks from the Revere House is the Old North Church, where the beacon lamp was hung to alert American patriots that the British were coming!  Paul Revere’s midnight ride is immortalized in Longfellow’s poem by the same name.  Old North Church  steeple below.  The streets are quite narrow and the buildings are built with little or no land surrounding them, so it’s hard to get good photos.

There are two old cemeteries right in the middle of Boston.  The oldest of the two, The Granury Burial Ground, is where Paul Revere is buried.  His original gravestone is long gone, but has been replaced by others.  An interesting note of cemetery history is that a lot of heavy gravestones were stolen when Italian immigrants populated the North Side.  They needed heavy stone to line their ovens, and the cemetery guides are quite certain that some of the old gravestones are still in North Side restaurant pizza ovens!  Photos of Revere markers below as well as The Old Granury Burial Ground.

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