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Update: 8-20-14 – This is a repost, and has debunked the theory that my great grandmother Marlin was half Cherokee Indian.  No such DNA.  I have also updated the information on The Charles Ferrier Family since I came across a list my grandmother had written with birthdates of the ten kids.====================In case you have not noticed by now, my family on all sides were farm people.  They came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Switzerland as early as 1651 and as late as the first half of the 1700’s.  That’s right…you read it correctly…they were all here by 1750.  No one came over from Ireland during the potato famine in the 1840’s, no one came through Ellis Island during the 1890’s.  They were all here, forging south and west as they put down roots, raised families, and then watched their grown children move even further south and/or west.

I secretly laughed when no fewer than half a dozen people contacted me with excitement earlier this year when made public the 1940’s U.S. Census records.  One friend thought it would be fascinating to be able to see where the ancesters were and what they were doing in 1940.  Another laugh to myself because I already knew exactly where they all were and what they were doing that year.  They were in Missouri, farming, or the younger ones had already migrated across the Dust Bowl and found work in California.

Migration and settlement patterns are for another blog, but suffice it to say that most of the families spent early years in Lancaster County, PA or Virginia.  Two of my 4th great grandfathers fought in the Revolutionary War and received land grants as a result; a 5th great grandfather fought Indians forging into North Carolina.  Some owned slaves before The Civil War and others fought for the Union in that conflict.  They were Mennonites, Primitive Baptists, Presbyterians and Methodists.  More recently, my great grandmother on my father’s side was half Cherokee Indian.

The folks in the photo above are Charles Ferrier and his wife Sarah Evelyn Forkner Ferrier.  Charles is on the left end, holding the big puppy, and Sarah (Aunt Ev) is in the middle, holding her little daughter, Nannie Lea.  Charles’ mother, Mary Castinger Ferrier, is seated and dressed all in black.  In the photo are six of their ten children.  Victoria was missing this day for whatever reason so her photo as a young woman was added later on (left of the image).  Behind them is the “big house” they built after their family grew and they became more prosperous.  Based on the approximate age of my grandmother (Dulcie, the smallest girl standing and holding something white and scowling), this photo was probably taken about 1896, but that’s only a guess.    The Ferriers had land that was actually in Dallas County, but they are also associated with Webster County as they lived very near the place where Laclede, Webster and Dallas Counties meet.  Their kids went to the Pack School which is in Laclede County, and they went to church at Warden Chapel, which i in Webster County.

This is a photo of a photo of a photo.  In 1955 when my family visited relatives in Missouri, we went to my great uncle, John Ferrier’s house.  That’s John on the far right.  This photo was framed and hanging on the wall.  My father, who was not the best photographer in the world but had a new camera that produced slides, took two photos.  In the 1990’s, I had a negative made from the slide and here we are today with the results, all cropped and prettied up in Photoshop.  I am so glad my dad thought to take this photo because in 1997 when I visited with John Ferrier’s daughter, she did not remember the photo and had no idea what had become of it after her father died.

The second photo below is the same Charles and Ev Ferrier in old age (1935) taken outside the little split log house they lived in when they were first married.  It was the way of it when you first got married…you lived in whatever empty house was available until you outgrew it and/or had time and money to build a new, larger house.

There is one important and/or interesting fact about the Ferrier Family as it related to my Marlin Family.  The Marlins and the Ferriers were farming in the same vicinity in Scotland in the 1500’s and 1600’s.  By the 1700’s and 1800’s, the Marlin and Ferriers were farming next to each other in a small place called Curran in Derry, Northern Ireland.  More on this soon.   By the 1700’s, the Marlins and Ferriers were living next to each other and marrying in Pennsylvania.  By the late 1700’s and 1800’s, the Marlins and Ferriers were in Tennessee.  Then of course, they ended up in Webster/Dallas County, Missouri.  My niece and I were in Curran, County Derry, Northern Ireland in late June and there is an amazing story to tell….



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    • I descend from Archibald Marlin, and as far as I know, no one has connected him back to PA, though I know that’s where his family came from. The Marlins and Ferriers have migrated together for centuries. They were neighbors in Scotland, neighbors in Northern Ireland, neighbors in PA, neighbors in TN and neighbors in MO. My niece and I went to Ireland this past summer and actually stood on the land where they were tenant farmers in Curran, County Derry. It’s still being farmed today.


  2. Hello, I am doing some family research, and am at a bit of a dead end, and came across your page. I am descended from Andrew Ferrier and Jean Marlin, they are my 6th great grandparents, my mother’s maiden name is Ferrier. I would love to know what information you have on the Marlins and Ferriers in Ireland and further back, as I am stuck at this point. Thank you! -Sheila

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  3. Hello – Charles Oliver Ferrier is my 1st Cousin 5 times removed through my 5th great grandfather Nathaniel Gideon Ferrier and his wife Nancy Caroline Patterson (I descend through their daughter Barbara Prudence Ferrier who married James Pack). I see that the Ferrier, Marlin, and Pack lines have several marriages linking the lines. I am very happy to find this page.


    • Did you also see the page titled CHARLES OLIVER FERRIER and HIS SISTERS? ONe of those girls was named Barbara, perhaps after your ancestor…?
      One sister married a Day and the other a Pack, but I do not know which is which from the photos. If you search on Ferrier on the blog, a lot of photos will come up and I still have others to post but I do not think any of your line.


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