Posted by: marthabernie | August 25, 2014


When my Great Aunt Anna Faulkner moved with her family to Montana from Conway, Missouri in 1906, her two girls left many friends behind who corresponded with them for many years.  This photo was taken in 1907 and sent to Ednah Faulkner in Stevensville, MT.  These were obviously good friends of hers as they referred to themselves as the “Sorority Girls.”  I have wondered for years who these girls in the photo were, not knowing anything other than three of them were named Ethel, Edna and Florence.  The photo has “taken in front of Warren’s store” written in the upper left corner.  Warren’s was a store in Conway.  They seem to be sitting on the front porch or sidewalk, and most of them are wearing some sort of ribbon.

The back of the card reads, “Pink and white, pink and white, happy workers, we’re all right!  Yours lovingly, Edna, Ethel & Florence with best wishes from all Sorority Girls.”  There is a PS at the top, “I’ve had this over a month.  I thot I had sent it but I see I haven’t.  I wish I had a postal like you sent the other day.  Why don’t you write?  I’ve been very busy.  We are going to have a musical Friday and I am going to help sing a duet.”

I find this photo very interesting when you think that these were the teenagers in a small town one hundred years ago!  What a time warp!  Also note there appear to be two photos tacked to the wall behind the girls.  I suspect they are photos of the missing Ethyl and Ednah Faulkner who had moved from Conway to Montana with their family but were a big part of this crowd before their departure.


  1. What a wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing and explaining what is written on the back of the card. A real treasure.


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