Posted by: marthabernie | August 26, 2014


My mother’s family lived about five miles outside of Phillipsburg proper and did not go to the Phillipsburg School in the town.  Their school was the Union School.   This photo of the Phillipsburg School children in 1919 was given to me by a relative in 1997.  It’s always easy to find cousin Warren McMenus  in photos as for some reason, he looked exactly the same as a baby, as a child and as an adult.  Below is a portion of the photo I have cropped out and enlarged.  That’s Warren in the back row with the cap pulled over his ears, standing left of the girl in the plaid dress.  Directly below him could be a cousin, either Reba or Francie McMenus, but I am not sure as Reba might have already been out of school by 1919.  Warren’s younger brother, Billy, must be in the photo somewhere, but I cannot locate him.


  1. A great photograph of days gone by. Notice the simple clothes that were worn even by the adults. How did we ever get into the designer clothing that schoolchildren must have these days? I had to dig out my old 6th grade picture to take a look at it. Thanks for sharing.


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