Posted by: marthabernie | September 21, 2014

TRAMORE, County Waterford, Ireland – August 15, 2012 Storm

I have posted the above photo before, but I am repeating it so you can see the contrast between the day I was in Tramore, County Waterford, on 5 April 2012, and 15 August, 2012.  They had a dreary, wet summer in Ireland in 2012, but the storm that hit the Waterford Coast was worse than any winter storm in local memory.  That’s the thing about Ireland…you just never know about the weather, and in April I heard more than one person comment about the beautiful “summer” weather (all of 65 degrees and no wind).  They hoped “that this is not the only summer we get!”  These balmy dry days lasted about ten days, and that was it.  They  had some sunshine here and there that summer, but not much.  See photos below for another look at the Tramore coastline!


  1. We in Ireland are used to such contrasts. Great shots!


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