Posted by: marthabernie | September 24, 2014


I have written about Temple House in County Sligo before.  I stayed there in 2006, and it was the photo of their two donkeys that appeared in the Travel section of the LA Times last weekend.

You can learn everything you wanted to know and more about Temple House at their website.  The house itself is Georgian, set on 1,000 acres that includes the ruins of a castle built by the Knights Templar and a lake.  It’s an inviting spot for a weekend, a wedding or just about anything you can think of.  The bedrooms are amazing, furnished with period antiques, and dinner is served each night in the main dining room with ingredients produced locally, some from the Temple House farm kitchen.

This view is from the back of the house,  taken late in the day and looking out over the ruins on the left and the lake on the right.  There were three dogs in residence who were friendly and made themselves at home both indoors and out.

This second image was taken with my back to the ruins and lake, looking up at the backside of the house.  There is a lovely little open patio there where you can read, relax, have a drink or whatever.

The last image here is of the other dogs.  The basset hound was especially friendly!

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