Posted by: marthabernie | September 27, 2014


This is a very old photograph that I found on eBay of Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland.  Written on the back is “Dalkey Bay near Kingstown 1901”.

Dalkey is about ten miles south of Dublin city, and it was once a main port during the middle ages.  The town still has the remains of the town castle (in Castle Street) as well as the remains of Bullock Castle, which is shown at the right of this image.  In the middle of the photo above the rocks but in front of the buildings is the Bullock Harbor breakwater, and at the middle right at the skyline, you can see the outline of the Anglican Church.

Today this view looks a little different because there are modern apartment buildings behind the harbor and other buildings have changed.  And of course, Kingstown is now called Dun Laoghaire, this since the time the country gained independence from the British Crown.  I don’t think I have a photo of this view that I’ve taken in recent years, but maybe next time I am in Ireland I will try to get one so the two views can be contrasted.

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