Posted by: marthabernie | October 1, 2014

FERRIER GIRLS circa 1910-12 – More Lampshade Hats!

I used this photo of my grandmother (on the right) in an earlier post but thought I would post the original picture since it has her sister, Nannie Lea Ferrier, in another wonderful and stylish hat!  I am sure Nannie’s given name was Nancy, but she was called Nannie all her life.

My grandmother was Dulcie Ferrier Marlin and her parents were Charles Oliver Ferrier and Sarah Evelyn Forkner Ferrier.  I posted earlier showing their original log house and then the larger house they built after their family grew. Check it out in the archives!


  1. These hats are really something. I wonder if I would have worn one of those in those day . . . .


    • I also wonder if it wasn’t a photographer’s prop…my grandmother and her sister did not live in a place where those sort of fashions would have been worn, even to church on Sunday! And they probably didn’t have the money either!


  2. Fashion it is such a silly thing. Yet we all are influenced by it. I smile now in how I looked in the 60s and 70s.


    • I doubt they had the money to buy such things to wear themselves but they obviously put them on for the photographer and thought they were in high fashion!


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