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This photograph was taken February 13, 1911.  It is the Pack School, near Conway, Missouri and Miss Bessie Mincey was the teacher.

What’s interesting about this photo is that while the school was located near Conway in Laclede County, students apparently came from other counties as my Ferrier family were mostly in Dallas County, and my Marlin family were mostly in Webster County.  Both those families are represented in this photograph.

There is a place where the three counties meet and that’s where so many of my ancestors lived.  On one genealogical trip to Missouri, I searched and searched for the Graham Cemetery so I could photograph the graves of Ferrier ancestors.  Not finding it in either Webster or Laclede County listings, I finally called my mother and she directed me (by landmarks) to the road where it was located…in Dallas County.  It was very near that spot I mentioned above where the three counties converge.

But back to this photograph.  There are many Tiller, Graham, Williams and McFadin children in this photo as well as my grandmother, Dulcie Ferrier Marlin, sixth from the left in the back row.  This photo was taken about a year before she married my grandfather, Walter E. Marlin.

In the second row, eleventh from the left is Dulcie’s brother, Laurence Ferrier, and on the right end of that row, the two girls are Mae Ferrier (Dulcie’s sister) and Lina Marlin (sister of my grandfather, Walter E. Marlin).

In the front row, 9th from the left is Scott Marlin, another sibling of my grandfather.  He and the little boy to his right are holding the two blackboards which give the date and the teacher’s name.

I have put insets below, starting first with Dulcie, then Laurence, then Mae and Lina, and finally Scott.


  1. would like more information on Pack School we bought the property in 2006 and we have always wondered about the old school on the property when it started and when it ended and in other infor I can get Thank you Shelly


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