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My father’s family settled in Webster County, Missouri not too far from what became the town of Marshfield.  I’ve mentioned before the Marlin Prairie where my great great great grandfather Thomas Marlin settled in 1820, coming with his brother and their families from Sumner County, Tennessee.  The farm shown in the photo above was settled by one of Thomas’ sons, Spencer Marlin, my great great grandfather.

The family cemetery is located on this farm and is called The Marlin Cemetery.  Thomas, Spencer, all four of Spencer’s wives (yes four…they kept dying off on him in childbirth until he finally married a widow, Rebecca Bruton, my great great grandmother) and many, many of their descendants are buried in the Marlin Cemetery.

I don’t know what it is about taking photographs in cemeteries that appeals to me, but it does.  It seems so incredibly historic, yet sad and then again so peaceful.  In this case, on a trip to Missouri in 1997, I was able to photograph for posterity lots and lots of tombstones and grave markers of ancestors.  Here is the Marlin Cemetery sign off the dirt farm road, and below is a photo across the graveyard.

This last photo is a close up view of Thomas Marlin’s grave stone.  It’s very hard to read.  Thomas Marlin is at the top, curved around the edge, then BORN Oct 27 1782, then DIED Dec 7 1861.  He pioneered west with his family at the age of 38 and then spent the rest of his days in Webster County, MO where he died at the age of 79, a ripe old age for those days.


  1. Do you have any connections/info to the Lewis Green family who arrived in MO before 1847. Noel Green and family heavily populated the Webster County and adjoining counties’ areas. Thanks. Enjoyed looking thru your blog about Missouri.


    • No connections that I am aware of. Where in Webster County did they live?


  2. Hello.. I have grandparents I’m told are buried here at Marlin Cem.. Is there a master list available of all those buried here? I’d like to confirm whether or not my family is here.. I can be contacted through email or facebook cheryl jones jackson thank you


    • There are books in many genealogy libraries which list all the graves. What is the surname?


  3. Hi. I just came across this blog while researching my family tree. I was researching on Emily Marlin (because that’s my name too). Her father is William G Marlin brother to Thomas Marlin. She married her 1st cousin Spencer Marlin, Thomas’s son. Anyways I was just wondering what if any info you would be willing to help me with on that side of the family. Also Emily had a brother named Jason, and so do I. How neat is that? Plus no one in my family knew that before a few months ago when I began my search. I plan on taking a trip to Webster MO soon so I can take pics of everything. Thank you and have a great day.



    • Yes, I think Emily was the 3rd of Spencer’s 4 wives. She died, too. You want to go to the Marlin Cemetery near Marshfield where they are all buried if you are researching this part of the family. Who were your grandparents and great grandparents?


  4. I’m looking for information on Thomas’s brother William G. Marlin and his son Robert Emmett Marlin. The last I can find on Robert Emmett Marlin was a civil war pension from 1890 in Taney County, MO. My line runs through Robert’s daughter Sarah E. Marlin who married Benjamin F. Hagan. Sarah is buried in the Thorpe Cemetery in Dallas County, Missouri. I do know that Benjamin Hagan’s brother and possible his parents are buried in the Marlin Cemetery. Any help on either the Hagan’s or William Marlin would be appreciated.


    • Thomas’s brother did not come with him in 1820. His brother William G came to Missouri in the fall of 1833 with my 5 X great grandfather Elijah Williams (who is buried in Marlin Cemetery) who was also his son in law. They wintered in the Indian camp Delaware Town by what is now Ozark and then they moved to Webster county. The Williams homestead was 1 mile east of the current farmhouse by the cemetery. But if you have the location of were William G went I would appreciate it.


      • Thanks for the clarification. I was contacted recently by another descendant of William. I will pass on the information.


  5. I was wondering if you had any information on Thomas’s brother William G. Marlin, his son Robert Emmett Marlin, or any possible some of the Hagan’s. My line runs through Robert’s daughter Sarah E. Marlin who married Benjamin Franklin Hagan. Sarah is buried in the Thorpe Cemetery in Dallas County and I know that Benjamin’s brother Thomas Hagan is buried in the Marlin Cemetery. By the census records Robert Emmett Marlin was living in Taney County, Missouri and was still living in June 1890 by the census of living union soldiers. I find no information after that census.


    • Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information.


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