Posted by: marthabernie | October 10, 2014


This is a photo taken in 1956.  Back in those days, the teenaged boys belonged to car clubs.  I can’t remember what this one was called, but they all had matching jackets with the name of the club across the back.

That’s my brother, Larry Marlin, second from the right standing in front of the family’s 1940 Chevrolet, which my parents bought new that year.  When they got a 1953 Pontiac in 1953, Larry got the Chevy.  Larry was 17 when this photo was taken.  Next to him on the right end is George Mautz, and I think it is Linley Warwick (a neighbor) on the left end.  The cars are parked in the Sears Roebuck parking lot in Inglewood, California, where we all grew up.  This photo is straight out of the American Graffiti era!


  1. What a great photo- love that you have it and hope it’s well marked on the back. Too many of my family photos are mysteries now. What a shame.
    Glad I stumbled by-nice posts and loved the Irish ones…


    • I have a post scheduled for Sunday on this subject exactly. Thanks for stopping by, I like the concept of your blog also!


  2. I was just wondering if the clubs name was the “T timers” because I’ve seen plaques and jackets that look similar to a club from Inglewood


    • Yes, it was the T-Timers. Where have you seen the plaques and jackets?


  3. Thank you for sharing the car club picture! My dad is George Mautz and really enjoyed seeing this picture from the past. He happened across it when doing a search on the car club.


    • If you go to the 6/4/14 post on this blog, there is another photo of Larry and George together.
      Your dad must be about 80, correct? My brother would have been 80 this year on June 2.
      He died in 1988 from cancer after a long, painful battle.
      Thanks for getting in touch. The photos are at 300 dpi so if you want to save and print them, go ahead.


  4. I believe the name of the Inglewood car club (hot-rod club) might have been “The Knights.” The drag Strip they created was called the Knights Drag-Strip. You can go out to YouTube and search this URL to watch the video….


    • There may have been a Knights car club at some point, but my sister in law advises that this one was called The T-Timers, and she was there, LOL!


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