Posted by: marthabernie | October 12, 2014

KINSALE, County Cork, Ireland

This was taken in November, 1993 in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.  Kinsale is a very historical little place as I have written in previous posts.  The Lusitania sank just outside the harbor and many of the bodies washed up and were buried, unnamed in the churchyard.  The ruins of old Fort Charles guard the harbor today, and there are colorful boats and beautiful scenes and vistas to photograph in this quaint little place.  It is also highly regarded for its epicurean restaurants, and there is an annual food festival in autumn.

On this day, I was supposed to take the noon bus (the only afternoon bus) back to Cork to catch the 5 pm express train to Dublin, but I was so fascinated by Kinsale, I decided to stay on for a couple of hours and take a walking tour.

The tour guide was the man on the right, a sea captain who guided visitors around the town in the winter.  He has been featured in one of Rick Steves’ PBS shows about Kinsale and this part of Ireland.  The other man was an American who was also doing the tour.  This is a side street off the main part of Kinsale where there was an array of little painted houses.

Since I didn’t get the bus back to Cork that day, I ordered a taxi for a flat rate back to the train station, and the driver took me up to Fort Charles and other spots for Kodak moments.




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