Posted by: marthabernie | October 17, 2014

IRISH MOTORWAYS – Driving Between Tramore and Shanagarry

I experienced an interesting phenomenon when I was in Ireland in April.  The locals are VERY proud of the new roads that can get you from one part of the country to another in record time.  Every time someone asked where I was going next, I was encouraged to take the M-5 or the M-7 or the M-50 wherever.  They love the fact that you no longer have to go through little towns and villages to get from one palce to another, and that there are motorways going up, down and across the country.

Well, as someone who has spent the biggest part of her life driving freeways in Los Angeles, motorways are not a big attraction for me.  Especially in Ireland.  I like to drive around and experience the countryside and the people, stopping wherever the notion strikes me.   The photo above was taken on the narrow two lane road between Tramore, County Waterford and Shanagarry, County Cork.  There are viewing areas because the scenery is so spectacular.  As you can see, it was a cloudy day, but that goes with the territory in Ireland.  It wasn’t raining, and in an hour or two, the sun was shining brightly.

You don’t get views like this on the motorways.


  1. loveliness!


  2. This looks like Kilfarassy Beach. Love this road, all beautifull beaches and cliffs.


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