Posted by: marthabernie | October 25, 2014

MIDWAY CAMP, Phillipsburg, MO about 1925

This is a photo of one of the first “filling” stations in Phillipsburg, MO.  That’s my great grandfather, Harvey Shank, standing out front with two of his grandchildren.  His son, John Edward Shank, was the agent for The Standard Oil Company.

Midway Camp sign is on the roof, note the chimney at the back.  This station also had cabins (on the bottom right signs above doors say MODERN CABINS and HOME SWEET HOME), as well as a restaurant where Blanche Shank, Uncle Ed’s wife, did the cooking.  The station sold Red Crown Gasoline and sold Atlas Tires.  The sign over the front door also boasts LADIES RESTROOM which apparently was a great luxury for female travelers.  The round sign to the left says ISO VIS Motor Oil.

My mother always told the story about how Bonnie and Clyde stopped for the night and rented one of the cabins.  Bonnie especially enjoyed Aunt Blanche’s home cooked dinner!


  1. Hey! I’m making a road map of all the places Bonnie and Clyde drove to while they were on the run. Do you know what year they visited Midway?

    Thank you!


    • Unfortunately, I don’t know when exactly they were in Phillipsburg. Good luck with your map!


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