Posted by: marthabernie | October 29, 2014

My Brother Larry in 1941

This photo was taken by my mother or father in 1941.  That’s my oldest brother, Larry Ray Marlin, on top of a horse named “Babe”.  I can tell from the houses across the street and other photos taken that day that this image was photographed at my grandparents’ home on York Avenue, Hawthorne, California.  It looks like there are vacant lots across the street, and obviously they had the space to keep a horse, though I cannot for the life of me see what she was needed for.

My first memories of my grandparents’ house are from the mid-50’s, and there were no vacant lots by that time.  They did have a small garden in the backyard (no fences between houses) and there were several peach trees.  I once asked my mother who the horse belonged to, and she told me my grandfather, Walter E. Marlin, bought it, but I still don’t know why.  Since my father was their only child and Larry was the first grandchild, perhaps “Babe” was purchased by a doting grandfather to teach Larry how to ride.  Note the little cowboy boots he is wearing.


  1. Awesome Picture!


  2. Aaaah, I’m a sucker for these family histories! Great photo. Great horse! Cute kid. What more does one need? 🙂


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