Posted by: marthabernie | October 30, 2014


Phillipsburg, MO Frisco Railway Depot

Frisco Line Railway Depot, Phillipsburg, MO

This photo was taken at the Frisco Line Railway Depot in Phillipsburg, MO and it shows fifteen of the local young men in the late 1890’s.  Seated in the front row are three of my great uncles, William Grant McMenus, Eli Preston McMenus and John Frederick McMenus.  Other families represented are Bishop, Tucker, Wilson, Hester, Lieb, Lovett, Sutton and McElvaine.  The Tuckers were cousins through my great uncles’ great great grandmother,  Julia Tucker Selvidge of Tennessee. The Frisco Line was actually the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, which made stops in the towns of Lebanon, Phillipsburg, Conway and Marshfield in Laclede and Webster Counties.  It is interesting that they called it the Frisco Line because it never ran further west than Texas. The sign over the door read, PHILLIPSBURG 193 Miles From St. Louis.  Uncle Johnny McMenus (fifth from the left seated row) eventually became the stationmaster in later years.  This photo ran in the Lebanon Daily Record about ten years ago.

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