Posted by: marthabernie | November 1, 2014

Walter Elbert Marlin – 1930’s Missouri

Walter Elbert Marlin MissouriThis is my grandfather, Walter Elbert Marlin, taken in 1937 near Conway, Missouri.  After marrying Dulcie Ferrier in 1912 in Webster County, Missouri, my father was born to the couple later that year and within a short time, they moved to Aledo, Illinois, where they bought a farm.  After several years in Illinois, they returned to the Conway area (Laclede County) and took up farming again.  This photo was taken shortly after my parents left for California in 1937.

My grandfather went by Elbert, which was a prevalent name in the Marlin family.  He and wife Dulcie followed their son and daughter-in-law, Ray and Anna Shank Marlin, to California the following year, and they remained in California for the rest of their lives.  At the time, there was work in California and it was very hard to eak out a living in Missouri during the Depression Years.  They bought a little frame house on York Avenue in Hawthorne, California.

My grandfather died when I was four, but I remember him vividly.  He would always let me drink the Pepsi that he had every night after dinner, and I sat on his lap while he watched tv in the evening.  He smoked all his life and died at the age of 64 from an aortic aneurism, which back then was not something they could operate on to repair.   He was ill for well over a year, and at the end, he was at home in a hospital bed in the front bedroom.  I remember going to sleep one night, and then the next morning the hospital bed was empty and stripped, and all the windows were open.  He had died in the night, my mother by his side.  She said he rallied just before he passed on and tried to say something…he made the sound of “d’ as if trying to say something and then slipped away.  My mother said she didn’t know what he was trying to say, it could have been “death” or “Dulcie” for my grandmother.  My grandmother lived another 23 years.

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