Posted by: marthabernie | November 5, 2014


Irish ruins, Ireland, photographyI took this photo in 2006 when I was meandering from Dublin down to County Carlow.  One of the interesting things about the Irish landscape is that ruins are never torn down unless a new building is going up.  They are left to weather even more through the ages, and you see them frequently from all the roads, whether a motorway or a country lane.  In this case, the ruins were right next to the road!

Henry VIII’s armies went through Ireland in the 16th Century, destroying as many of the churches, abbeys and monasteries as they could find.  A century later, Cromwell did it again.  However, some of the ruins are simply old buildings or castles from an earlier age.  Due to the pointed wall and the rounded top windows, I think the photo above shows the ruins of a church or other religious building.  See photo below.  The small slit windows make me think it might have been a castle or other fortification.  Chapels were often built into the castle walls, so it could have been both church and home.

Irish castle ruins, Irish ruins, Cromwell in Ireland, Henry VIII in Ireland

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