Posted by: marthabernie | November 5, 2014

William G. McMenus Family & Home Circa 1910

McMenus Home Phillipsburg, MOThis photo was taken around 1910OK and shows the William Grant McMenus Family in front of their home in Phillipsburg, MO.   I have never known why his middle name was Grant, unless it was given to him because he was born after the Civil War when Ulysses S. Grant was in office.  I am sure he was named William after an uncle and his grandfather, William Selvidge.

That is son Leo on the left, Uncle Willie and wife, Minnie Brasier McMenus seated, and daughter Loreta standing next to the little chair where her doll is seated.  This photo was taken before they built a more modern home in the town of Phillipsburg.  It was the first house in the area that boasted an indoor bathroom though no one was allowed to use it unless they wre sick!  Inset photo below shows the family in closer detail.  This photo was taken before son Leslie arrived in 1915.    Click on photos for larger images.

W.G. McMenus home, Phillipsburg, MO

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