Posted by: marthabernie | November 6, 2014

102nd Anniversary of My Father’s Birth

Walter E. Marlin Family 1918, Ray Marlin, Dulcie MarlinToday, November 6, 2014, is the 102nd anniversary of my father’s birth.  He was born Ray J. Marlin to Walter Elbert and Dulcie (Ferrier) Marlin in Conway, Missouri.  This photo was taken after they moved to Aledo, Illinois, probably around 1918- or 1919 judging from my father’s age.

I still have the locket my grandmother is wearing in this photo.  She carried two photos in it…one of my father when he was about a year old and another of my grandfather about the time they got married.


  1. Congratulations! It’s a lovely photo, alle the best.
    Greetings DIna


  2. Love that picture of grandpa. Seems I should know this, and I can probably find it somewhere….what was his middle name?


    • Not sure why they gave him “junior” as a middle name, but that was the official name. He never used it, I assume because he did not like it. Even his Social Security Card reads Ray J. Marlin.


      • Thanks. I was thinking it might have been junior.


  3. Ho yes, I’d love to see photos of the locket. Do you ever wear it?


    • No, I don’t wear it much because the chain is so fragile but I get it out and look at the photo often.


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