Posted by: marthabernie | November 7, 2014

BRIDGE STREET, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland

Bridge Street, Westport, County Mayo, IrelandBased on the age of the cars in this photo, I would say it was probably taken in the 1930’s or 1940’s.  It shows Bridge Street in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.  It’s a lovely little town, the only one in Ireland that was actually laid out and planned rather than springing up and out over the decades and centuries.


  1. Yes, beautiful town – lively spot as well, especially in the summer. It’s not quite unique in its planning history with Kenmare, for one, having been carefully laid out in the 17th century.


  2. Lovely photograph. The Shops are mostly still there. One of irelands famous Pubs – Matt Mollys is on this street.
    The Cars on the photograph are Morris Minor MK 2. The Car was launched in 1952 and built until 1958. The photograph was probably made in the mid sixties. Also; electricity and telephone wires are there… 1955 the electrification act came through to supply rural lreland with electricity.


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