Posted by: marthabernie | November 7, 2014

FERRIER FAMILY – Dallas County, MO 1930’s

Ferrier Family Dallas County MO

Charles Ferrier Family, Dallas County, Missouri

This photo was taken some time in the 1930’s when a large group of Ferrier’s gathered at the home of Charles Oliver and Sarah Evelyn (Forkner) Ferrier in Dallas County, MO. Seated in the front are from left, Doss Ferrier, brother of Charles Ferrier, then Charles in the middle holding the cane, and on the right, Sarah Evelyn Forkner Ferrier. Several of their children and grandchildren are also in the photo.  I can’t name them all, but on the left in the dark dress is Mae and Pearl Ferrier Marlin is four to the right of Mae.  On the right end, next to the boy leaning against the porch, are Victoria Ferrier Newman and her husband Ollie Newman wearing the hat.  Several of Gus and Pearl Marlin’s children are also in the photo. Click the photo to enlarge.  Below is a photo of Doss Ferrier as a younger man, taken about 1900.

Doss Ferrier,  Dallas County, MO

Doss Ferrier, Dallas County, MO


  1. I adore sepia-toned photographs and the faces of those long gone reaching out to us. They are not forgotten!


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