Posted by: marthabernie | November 9, 2014

The Marlin School – Webster County, Missouri

webster county missouri, MO, Marlin School near Marlin Cemetery, Marlin SchoolThis photo was taken in 1997 outside of Marshfield, Missouri (Webster County), and also not too far from Conway, Missouri (Laclede County).  It is the old Marlin School which as late as the 50’s and 60’s was still in use.  This is the area where my Marlin ancestor, Thomas Marlin, settled with his family in 1820.  My niece and I were on a family history trip to Missouri, and we stopped to see the old building.  Written on the right side of the building is MARLIN SCHOOL, but the bushes have grown up over it.

Inside, it was clear that the building had not been used for much except a storage shed for many years.  Below is a photo of niece Deanna standing at the blackboard.  You can see the pipe on the right side that was once connected to the pot belly stove.  Marlin School, Webster County, Missouri

In December, 1957, my family spent a couple of weeks in Missouri, and one afternoon my parents dropped me off at the school for the afternoon.  I missed a week of school on this trip, and I had to write a story about the whole experience, and of spending the afternoon at the school named after my ancestors.

Webster County Missouri, MO, Marlin School

UPDATE MAY 17, 2021: Below is a photo of the side of the school builing taken a few years later and after the trees on the right side had been cut back.

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