Posted by: marthabernie | November 14, 2014

AUNT MARGE – 1950’s Diner Photo – Another Favorite Photo

50's diner, Marge Truitt, Marguerite Shank Truitt, Berkeley dinerThis is another of my favorite photos.  On the far right in the waitress cap is my aunt, Marguerite Shank Brammell Truitt.  Marge’s first husband, Charles Brammell, died and I believe she subsequently went to work in this little restaurant.  She lived in Albany, California near Berkeley for decades.  In the 1960’s she was working in what she called “the sandwich shop” near the UC Berkeley campus, and I don’t know if it was the same place this photo was taken or not.  Her daughter, my cousin Judy, gave me this photo.  I love it because it really does look like it was right out of the 40’s or 50’s.  Note the Coca Cola sign in the upper right and the “Giant Sodas 18 Cents” sign on the wall.


  1. Wow, what a great photo! The sandwich shop where she worked across from the UC Berkeley campus on Bancroft Way was called “Sandwiches A Go-Go,” but I can’t tell from the photo if that is where this was taken. Love it! Signed: Cousin Judy’s daughter, Sara:)


    • I remember being in the sandwich shop once…but I don’t think there was any seating. You just walked up to a counter where the sandwiches were made. This may have been an earlier place. Your mother would have known immediately whether or not it was an earlier incarnation of Sandwiches to Go Go.


      • You are right. I think she worked at two different places. This was the first one, and I don’t think I ever went there, so I was mistaken about this being Sandwiches a Go Go.:)


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